for consumers shopping in Switzerland

By Peter Hulm

Food and drink

White assemblages: Comte de Genève (CHF10.50) , Coop

Syrah: Appassimento Casale Burgio from Italy (CHF11.70), Denner

Saint-Emilion: Château Fonroque in Manor – a bio (CHF29.90)

Mustard: Moutarde mi-forte at Denner

Extra-virgin olive oil: Migros bio (CHF8.90)

Nespresso: What else? Whatever? What now? (Aldi and Coop's Prix Guarantie are cheaper and better).

Care and clothing

Ski masks: Anon Tempest (CHF139.90) in Ochsner Sport

Waterproofing: Bama Power Protector, Sport XX (CHF15.90)

Hand creams: Ombia (CHF0.80 per 100 ml) at Aldi's or Cien at Lidl, if you are not allergic

Some generic drugs are costly

Electric toothbrushes: Migros Candida Power (CHF39.80)

Conditioning shampoos: Schwarzkopf at Manor (CHF4)

Home appliances

Cordless vacuum cleaner: Dyson DC43H (CHF174.35)

Automatic coffee machines: DeLonghi Dinamica 350 (CHF799)

Steam iron: Bosch Sensixx'x DA 30 (CHF47.50)

Sewing machines: The Brother Innov-is 15 (CHF379)

Domestic supplies

Oven-cleaners: Migros Potz Ofen-Four, Coop's Qualité et Prix Flup Power Mousse (CHF3.95), unless you want it fast

Hairbrushes: Body & Soul B221 (CHF4.90)(discontinued)

Paper towels: Plenty — sold by Coop, Volg and Manor


Smart watches: Apple for CHF419 or Asus for CHF189

Cheaper smartphones: don't count on 'em

Handies for oldies: Emporia Flip Basic (CHF56)

Good bluetooth earbuds still expensive: Interdiscount's Powerbeats 2 (CHF149)

Home cinema systems: Samsung HW-J355 (CHF135)

Wifi speakers: Sony SRS-X99 (costing CHF460)

Compact computers: Fujitsu (CHF730)

Fastest French-language hosting service: infomaniak


Digital zoom cameras: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 1000 (CHF626)

Breathalysers: ACE AFM-5 (CHF99)

Compact cars: BMW Serie 1 (CHF32,600+)

Best resorts for public transport

Swiss-French prices Swiss-U.S. prices: a comparison