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Cooler bags: don't expect too much and be ready to pay more for the best

With summer here and lockdown lifted, you'll be looking for ways to keep things cool when you travel or picnic. Just don't expect too much, says the Swiss consumer mag Bon à Savoir in its summer edition after having sent 10 cooler bags out for testing. Cooler Compact from decathlon.ch was the best (allowing its content to lose 8 degrees of cold in its contents after four hours and 11 degrees after six). But it will cost you CHF30, compared to interdiscount's sac isotherme bleu CHF19.95, both holding around 20 litres. Nevertheless its insulation was rated 20% better. Here you get what you pay for.

Last placed was Migros' Do it + Garden with 30l for CHF16.90 but an insulation score of only 3.8 compared with Cooler Compact's 5 out of 6. The testers rated it the only "unsatisfactory" cooler bag.

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch