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Tips: Cleansers

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Cheap scored best

When Bon à savoir tested 14 household liquid cleaners, it found some contained "problematic substances" — and five did no better than water. Its top scorer was "W5, a cheap (CHF1.59) bottle from Lidl (CHF1.27 per litre). However, even the top two scorers left marks on the areas cleaned.

No 3, Migros Plus Oeco Power, costing nearly 3 times as much, did better but required more liquid. Mr. Proper, just as expensive, as you might expect, did well but the testers found traces of phosphorus, which degrades slowly and can lead to oxygen loss in lakes. So environmentally safe disposal can be a problem. The five no-hopers were, surprisingly, Coop Prix Garantie, Volg (the cheapest at CHF1 per litre), Ajax, Spar Eco and Sonett (from the worst upwards)

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch: April 2021