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Tips: Air-cured meat

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Treating animals well gives best meat

If you like air-cured beef, you will probably like to know the cattle have been well treated during their lives. Bon à savoir magazine found their meat was also the healthiest.

Aldi's Gourmet Viande de Grisons, top rated by the testers, was also 20% cheaper than no 2, Migros Bio's equivalent, at CHF7.80 to CHF9.90, though both scored 5.9 out of a possible 6. Surprisingly, Migro's M-budget version was second to last with 4.6 points (satisfactory), and last placed was Lidl's Dulano Brazilian beef (4.0). Yet Lidl's equally priced Danish beef placed eighth and scored 5.3 (good) though like the last placed cost under CHF6 per 100g. That's still CHF60 a kilo for meat, while the Migros top rater was CHF99.90. That's almost CHF100 a kilo. Three of the top four scorers (including Co-op's Qualité et Prix at CHF11.05 per 100g) came from one producer, in the Grisons. The Migros dried beef vesion said the meat came from animals allowed to graze in open pastures.

The testers recorded highest levels of omega 3 in the top-rated animals. Environmentalists say this is a sign they have been well treated. The Migros last-placed beef recorded hardly any omega 3.

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch: April 2021