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By Peter Hulm

Six years after my first test of Nespresso coffee capsules against their competitors, and a revisit five years ago, the Swiss television programme Kassensturz has finally done a proper test (I don't remember one earlier). Surprise: Nespresso came fourth from the bottom against 11 others.

a taste of nespresso
George Clooney likes Nespresso, but is he right?

You know you are paying between 36 and 130 francs a kilo for your capsule coffee, right? But maybe they're worth it. Don't count on it. To get the best rated (4.7, satisfactory) by the Swiss consumer tv show Kassensturz in August 2018 you could pay CHF0.35 per capsule, for Manor's Lavazzo or CHF0.34 for Coop's Fair Trade Espresso (second placed with 4.6).

But if you had gone to Aldi for their Amaroy, or Coop's Prix Guarantie, each capsule would only cost you 0.18CHF. Nespresso's 0.50CHF Arpeggio earned an "unsatisfactory" 3.3. At least it was better that Spar, Denner or last-placed Globus (2.1). You can download the full report in German (PDF) from Kassensturz or here.

slideshow from website

I'm a fan of capsule coffee. It puts the water through the grains at the right temperature and usually comes out smooth. Lately, though, I've gone back to plunger coffee in a small container (a friend returned the one she'd borrowed years ago), and I like it better. It's more solid in taste and even smoother on my tongue. Plus, I can use my favourite de-caff (Hag) and drink it all day.


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