# Switzerland Today

Geneva airport shopping

We don't buy gifts at Geneva Airport to save money. That's clear. But you can shop clever and avoid feeling you've entered rip-off city. Here are some tips.

For example, the airport now has a real food court with a McDo's ("fun fries" was the current promotion), plus Thai cuisine, plus Italian pasta, plus organic delights.

The duty-free section, I know, has a mark up that makes the duty you save seem laughable. But I found a Geneva red assemblage of Ganavoir-Gamaret from Satigny for CHF26 (labelled Belles Filles, which does not translate as Beautiful Daughters).

You can also buy Favarger handmade chocolates (it doesn't have to be Cailler). I bought mine with a wooden pencil box (to disguise your self-indulgence no doubt).

There's an open-air Sprüngli counter immediately after the security check: go right and then left before the down escalators. There you can find what a Guardian gourmet described as their "pièce de résistance", the Truffe du Jour, sold for just 24 hours. Don't have second thoughts about the price (£2 each or £21 for 200g).

And I finally tracked down a Pavé de Genève — my favourite Geneva chocolate flavour: chocolate dust around a square block — in the last-minute section near the runway. It's made by Canonica, a brand I didn't know. But it matched the melt-in-your-mouth brands I bought in the centre of the old town.