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Electric toothbrushes: all satisfactory or better, but you get a very good one for less than CHF40

There's no reason to pay more than CHF40 for an electric toothbrush. In fact, the top performer from eight tested by the French-Swiss consumer magazine Bon à Savoir for its February 2017 edition cost only CHF39.80: Migros Candida Power. It was also the only one to get a "very good" rating at 5.5

No 2, Mediamarkt's Trisa Sonicpower Pro Interdental, was nearly CHF10 cheaper at CHF29.95 (5.2). Competitors included a CHF169 Philips (third at 5.1), and the CHF169.90 Panasonic at the bottom of the "good" range (4.8). Waterpik (CHF127.90) was the only electric toothpaste to turn in an only "satisfactory" model.

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch