# Switzerland Today

You don't have to pay CHF250 for a ski mask. But you may need to fork out CHF140.

One wy to protect yourself against skiing accidents (65,000 a year in Switzerland, according to the Bureau for the Prevention of Accidents) is a pair of glasses that enable you to distinguish the snow bumps ahead and keep your eyes open even when facing the sun. But you can pay up to CHF250 for a branded pair.

Bon à Savoir, the French-Swiss consumer magazine, put 20 to the test for its February 2017 edition. The best was the Anon Tempest for CHF139.90 in Ochsner Sport. It earned the highest note possible: 6.0. So did the Uvex Downhill 2000, which costs CHF229.

Salomon, which has a CHF249 version (5.6), got a better rating for its CHF99.90 Xview, which rated lower for robustness, but crept ahead for its price. The main defects noticed were that lower-rated models distort your view, such as the SportXX Obscure Force for CHF39.90 and the Manor Dex Pinstripe (classified last) for CHF49.90.

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch