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By Peter Hulm

Some generic drugs are costly

How much do you pay for your Dafalgan or Panadol? How much for your aspirin?

You may be tempted to opt for the general alternative. But it won't always come cheap.

The consumer magazine Bon à Savoir reported that you could pay twice as much if you choose the wrong generic. It took aim at the Amavita and Coop Vitality products in January 2017.

In place of Dafalgan and Panadol, you could choose paracetamol-mepha for CHF2.40 per pack of 20 500mg tablets, it reported. For aspirin, Asa-Tabs would cost you CHF3.45. In place of Voltaren you could choose Primofénac for CHF4.95. But the two pharmacies would charge you more for their versions.