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By Peter Hulm

Good bluetooth earbuds: still expensive

The prospect of going wireless for your earbuds may be tempting, but be prepared to pay heavily for the privilege, if you want good sound.

The consumer magazine Bon à Savoir tested 11 in-ear headphones for bluetooth listening and in January 2017 gave seven only satisfactory ratings, with unsatisfactory scores on individual aspects. These included the Migros CHF99.90 model and its Philips rival for the same price as well as Sony's CHF54.95 model found in Media Markt.

But the top-rated model, Interdiscount's Powerbeats 2, costs you CHF149. Plantronics Backbeat FIT, if you can find it, costs CHF50 less and scored better for its battery and sound insulation.

Sound quality was a major differentiator in all the models. The question, though, is how good a sound do people want from bluetooth earbuds in the situations (buses, the street, cafés and the like) in which they use them? Price might be a key factor.

The next-to-bottom ranked Vivanco earbuds go for CHF39.90 in Migros (scoring 3.9). Or you could pay CHF249 for a B & O Beoplay H5 in Manor for a 4.1-rated pair.

The paid I bought cost me CHF40 in Füst (not tested). They do what I want, but I don't use them outside the house. My best wireless headphones cost me CHF150. But they are FM, so I can use them in another room from my amplifier. Which is why I didn't want to pay dear for a set of bluetooth buds.

What I missed was an assessment of the physical convenience of these buds. My wife doesn't like them, while I use them all the time.