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By Peter Hulm

Hand creams: cheapest is not the best, but close to it

Only two hand creams won the top rating from the consumer magazine Bon à Savoir in January 2017, but the next best down, with a "good" rating, cost a third as much.

The Co-op's Qualité & Prix brand headed the list of 12 products tested. All 12 did their job, but only three did not contain substances that could cause allergic reactions, the magazine reported.

The other two were Neutrogena (also rated as good as the Coop's cream) and I AM.

But if you are not susceptible to faintly allergenic perfumes, you can save a lot of money. Neutrogena, for example, costs CHF7.73 per 100 ml, and Coop's CHF2.85.

Go to Aldi or Lidl, however, and you can get an Ombia tube for CHF0.80 per 100 ml (at Aldi's) or pay the same for Cien (at Lidl).