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Waterproofing: careful what you choose

Sprays to protect your leather and polyester against the weather sound like a great idea. But only four of 12 on the market good a "good" rating from a panel for the French-Swiss consumer magazine and website Bon à Savoir in December 2016.

The top two were among the most expensive, as well. But they scored best in protecting your goods from dirt. Bama Power Protector (5.3) costs CHF15.90 in Sport XX. Fila Premium All Proof in Ochsner Sport costs CHF15.90. The second-placed Fila did best with leather, but performed worse than the other three in protecting polyester.

Two sprays especially for shoes scored as low as 3.7 and 3.5 (unsatisfactory).

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch

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