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Hairbrushes: the cheapest was best (note was)

Why sell you a hairbrush for CHF4.90 when I can sell you one for CHF20? How about – because it's better.

Body & Soul's B221 scored top easily in Bon à Savoir's test featured in its December 2016 magazine. It earned 5.5 points ("very good"), against the rivals' "good".

Trouble is, it's no longer being produced and is available only in a few shops. The next one down, Manor's Trisa Deluxe Natural (5.3) will set you back CHF19.90.

Even in Coop you can pay up to CHF23.95 for a lesser rated product.

All were OK. The Body Shop's CHF19.90, with its bamboo pins, came in 11th out of 12. You can pay CHF59.90 for a brush whose sprockets are firmly attached to the base. But as for static electricity, the last-placed Edi Baur brush from Coop for CHF13.95 was best, and the worst was Body & Soul's B110.

Website: www.bonasavoir.ch

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