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These listings are not comprehensive yet. You'll probably find them most useful in French-speaking Switzerland and looking for an outing.

June 2018


Geneva learns about crypto – at its Polo Club

Past events

22-30 July 2017

Saas-Fee, Valais

Fourth Talis Academy

The fourth international Talis chamber music academy takes place on 22-30 July 2017 in Saas-Fee. "There will be something for everyone: from brunch concerts, children’s afternoon filled with music and fairy tales all the way to favorite classics, discoveries from around the world and of course, contemporary music," notes Founder and Artistic Director Maria Wildhaber.

19 May 2017


Heidi yodels Vivaldi

OVA – the Valaisan Amateur Orchestra

Watch out for members of l'Orchestre Valaisan Amateur (OVA). This group of some 41 music fans — 80% under 25 years old — starts its fourth season on 19 May 2017.

February-21 May 2017


Wonder where the Sixties hippy art style came from? Or the fairytale animations we’ve seen lately from Hollywood? The Pierre Arnaud gallery in Lens below Crans-Montana has an answer in its current exhibition (open till 21 May 2017).

February-11 June 2017


The most iconic Impressionist painting comes to Switzerland

28 March-4 April 2017

Saas-Fee, Valais

New soundtrack for first Swiss film great

The first masterpiece of Swiss cinema gets a new sound track from a modern composer as part of the Sass-Fee Film Festival on 4 April 2017.

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