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Best wine years since 2000

You may know the best wine years for your favourite labels. But how about when you walk into the store and don't know which new wine to buy?

The Denner chain in Switzerland has produced a credit-card-sized guide you can slip into your purse or wallet telling you the best years for 12 different types of wine. Quick tip: 2015 was a super year for all except Chile and Argentine wines. The top rating of 5 (exceptional and for laying away) went to all the others except the Swiss, which got a 5 but (as with all Swiss wines) are thought to be at their peak today.

For the Swiss wines, the previous two years were considered "very good" (4) but anything from 2012 or before (even the 5-rated 2009) should be drunk immediately, Denner recommends. The card also notes that 2000 was a 5 year in Switzerland, as for many French and Italian wines.

From the card, you can see that 2014 was just a "very good" (4) year except for the Piedmont and California wines.

For 2013 the fivers were Côtes du Rhône, Tuscan, Spanish, Californian and Australian wines.

The year before, only California and Australia's 2012 harvests rated 5.

Website: www.denner-wineshop.ch