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Go bio for less

Bio zuchetti will cost you CHF12.90 a kilo in Globus. But in Aldi the price is only CHF5.80.

Ktipp magazine (in German) tested 29 products and found huge differences in price between shops, such as bio tomatoes for CHF19.60 a kilo in Migros Zurich but CHF6.90 in Lidl. Bioland cucumbers cost CHF10.20 in Glubus while Bio cucumbers sold for CHF6.90 in Manor.

Not all savings were so big.

All Swiss bio producers follow the standards set by Bio-Suisse. But not all can carry the Bio-Suisse label. Among them suppliers of Aldi and Lidl. Aldi blames the influence of Migros and Coop on the labeller.

It's a lucrative business. Swiss consumers pay an average of 60 per cent more for bio vegetables.

November 2016

Website: www.ktipp.ch