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What else? Whatever

By Peter Hulm.

It's nine months since I tested the versions of coffee capsules that compete with Nespresso. What is there to say about them now?

a taste of nespresso

George Clooney likes Nespresso, but is he right?

The Swiss magazine Bon à Savoir famously proclaimed that the Migros/Utz coffee was better even than Nestlé's, a verdict which Migros has been assiduously promoting.

Since that time, the Vevey megafirm has upped the ante by putting out a variety of new flavours of coffee. I haven't tried most. The ones I did order all seemed to offer not very interesting additions to what I had already tasted.

Denner's dusty versions dropped off my shopping list. I just couldn't bring myself to drink them.

As for the CoffeeDuck fill-em-yourself capsules, having made the mistake of choosing the standard mill in my coffee, I promised myself to get a proper expresso-roasted and evenly ground packet to save 50cents a cup. But I never did until a couple of days ago. My favourite ground coffee, Café Hag (decaffinated), failed to turn out anything but lightly tinted water.

But I did test the Nespresso, Migros and Coop versions of decaffinated coffee for the past two weeks and tried to remember exactly how they seemed to me.

The verdict, part 2

If I had to give them a one-word label each it would be: intenser (Nestlé), creamiest (Migros) and darkest (Coop).

But it all comes down to individual tastes and how much difference it makes to pay 52cents for your cup, .38 or 42 (Nestlé, Migros and Coop respectively).

I can't say that any of the three has a head start over the others, though I personally would choose creamy over intense. And I was pleased to learn that my food-sophisticate friends choose the Migros brands (decaffinated and lungo) as well.

One distinction I can make: the Coop brand takes more energy to pull open its sealed sachets. Migros sachets pull open regularly. Nestlé doesn't have them, but you have to take the used capsules to special disposal points, or have Swiss Post collect them in special bags.

The Migros Expresso Forte, the brand that received the top rating, certainly deserves a place on your shopping list, even if you don't find it always to your taste.

I guess the Italians have it right: we need a different coffee for each hour of the day.