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One year of Switzerland's first driverless bus

Sion SmartShuttle minibus
The old meets the new

Switzerland's first two driverless buses completed one year of experimental service on 23 June 2017, taking up to 15 passengers at a time through the mainly pedestrian streets of the Valais capital, Sion. They've become "a genuine tourist attraction" and carried 21,500 passengers over 312 days in the past year, says the federal PostBus company.

'The most famous woman in Europe' 200 years ago

de Staël portrait

She died on 14 July 1817 as "arguably the most famous woman in Europe". In the English-speaking world, her works may be largely forgotten. She is remembered most fondly in a village near Geneva, and if you forgot the anniversary on 14 July weekend, you missed a big bash with a train, music and lightshows to mark the 200th anniversary of the death at 51 of Germaine Necker, known to history as Madame de Staël.

Living the cliché: reel Switzerland

book cover

Switzerland, as the Swiss themselves know, is a cliché of mountains, snow, yodelling, banking, 500 years of peace, and cuckoo clocks. Now, a one-time location scout for television chain Home Box Office in Los Angeles, Cornelius Schregle, has put together a 400-page picture book of foreigners' clichés of Switzerland in films.

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The fine-food restaurant at the end of the Swiss universe

Roggen Stube interior

"At the end of the world and at the same time at its origin, at its beginning and at its centre." That was Carl Zuckmayer on the Upper Valais. But as that environmentalist and writer Douglas Adams told us, at the end of every universe there's a restaurant.

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